Mindful Forest located in PSC

New locations for practicing mindfulness on CUHK campus

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The continuous mindfulness practice helps us to observe the ups and downs of emotions with a calm attitude and reduces anxiety and tension. Although there is no time or place limit to practice mindfulness, it is important to do the mindfulness exercise in a quiet and independent space as beginners are more susceptible to external influences.

In view of this, Sunshine At CUHK has redesigned the meditation booths, which were generously donated by The D. H. Chen Foundation, with the theme of the four seasons forest, and renamed to MINDFUL FOREST. The MINDFUL FORESTs are located on 1/F and 3/F of the Pommerenke Student Centre, where students can enjoy a moment of solitude and forget about trivial things for a while. With all the troubles that come with everyday life, Sunshine At CUHK prompts you to take a moment in the MINDFUL FOREST and invites you to open the Mindfulness Exercise in the Sunshine@CUHK Mobile App to practice mindfulness to adjust your inner footing and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

The description of the Mindful Forest
Two of the Mindful Forest located at 3/F PSC