Don’t need to wrap up your emotions

When we unwrap our parcels, apart from the object inside the box, some of us may be equally excited when seeing the bubble wrap. We simply cannot control the urge to pop the plastic bubbles. Why is it so strangely satisfying?
According to Dr. Stephanie Sarkis,

Stay mentally fresh

Hong Kong cuisine treasures the freshness of ingredients. For example, we like to have our fresh seafood steamed and add as little spice as possible to allow the fresh taste to speak for itself.
Perhaps freshness is equally important for our mind. Dare to take on some challenges or learn something new every now and then.

Treat ourselves sweet

Sunshine At CUHK has shared some reflections on different tastes such as sour, bitter and pungent flavours. How can we miss out on sweetness when many of us regard it as a pleasurable taste? Apart from our natural inclination for sweet tastes, some suggested that sugar is a natural pain reliever.

Taste the bitterness

Bitterness according to a dictionary is an unpleasantly sharp taste. Despite such characterization, the taste has found its way to the heart of many via black coffee, herbal tea, and bitter melon, etc.
It seems the unique flavor of bitterness appeals to adults much more in comparison to young people;