Admitted to university, life naturally turns to be busy, time spent with family members is relatively reduced, and alienation would result! If you wish to maintain or improve the relationship with your family members but do not know how to start, you may take a look at the following to see if they help.

Breaking up and separating could be hard 認識分手告別難捨難離

Do you still remember the sense of euphoria and the strong connection that you experienced when you first entered a romantic relationship? Yet, no one may have prepared you for the separation. Whether it was you or your…

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Communication is an important part of our lives. Good communication skills not only help us make friends, they can also enhance our work and daily life. As people come from different walks of life, they present different characters, background, values and cultures. This makes effective interpersonal communication an art form which is difficult to master.Communication is an interactive process.