Why is the sky blue?

Looking at the blue sky stippled with white clouds soothes our emotions. Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? It is related to the “wavelength” of sunlight! Simply put, when sunlight passes into the atmosphere, it is scattered by the particles in the air.

The calmness brown

Try to name something brown in colour. According to an informal survey by Sunshine At CUHK, 8 out of 10 people would name coffee, and the rest would answer trees or soil. One of the most popular foods, chocolate, is also brown!
Maybe because many objects in brown are associated with Mother Nature,

How do you feel when looking at green?

Spring fades and summer comes. We enjoy seeing the cloudless blue sky, green bushes and trees, as well as the flourishing lawns.
Green probably is the most commonly seen colour in nature. It gives us a peaceful, refreshing, and healthy feeling. It is also associated with environmental protection and conservation.