About Sunshine At CUHK

Sunshine At CUHK is a one-stop online platform for students and CUHKers to access handy information related to mental wellness and relative activities. Herein the Sunshine At CUHK’s website, you are able to find your pacing of living amid the busy and turbulent daily life in the “Self-Care Hub”; the “Inspiration Hub” equips you with exhaustive information on varied aspects. You can also search for the contact of the College Dean of Students’ Office as well as the counselling services/organisation outside CUHK through the “Support & Resources Hub”, and explore numerous activities on the “Get-Together” page! You can also reach the Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) Initial Assessment Booking System with one click to make an appointment with a WACC counsellor.

What’s more, we have an engaging Facebook page and Instagram page that frequently promote various messages on positive psychology and mental wellness. You are very welcome to FOLLOW and LIKE the pages to raise awareness of mental wellbeing.

We all cannot live without a mobile phone. You can find Mindfulness Exercises and write your own Mood Diary on-the-go in the newly launched Sunshine At CUHK Mobile App.  Download the app now to view and soothe your daily mood swings anytime, anywhere!