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Find outlet for emotions through new function in Sunshine@CUHK Mobile App “Press & Relax”

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Have you ever swallowed your anger or fear to express your irritation because you do not want to affect others? Find an immediate outlet for these negative emotions through the new function in the “Sunshine@CUHK Mobile Application”, “Press & Relax”. This mini game simulates popping the bubble in bubble wraps, but allows you to input your thoughts, so you may use your phone to vent your rage anytime, anywhere. Give it a try, and you’ll see how it works!

“Press & Relax” gives you more than a moment of tranquility. You get a chance to win fantastic gifts! Let’s take the following challenges to get a chance to win a “Netflix Gift Card, valued at HK$ 300”:

  1. FOLLOW and LIKE Sunshine At CUHK Facebook and Instagram;
  2. Try out the new function “Press & Relax” in the “Sunshine@CUHK Mobile Application” and record your thoughts in “Mood Diary” for 5 times within 2 weeks. Don’t forget to screencap relevant pictures: (i) Encouraging phrases popped out in the circle after a “Press and Relax” trial and (ii) “Mood Diary” homepage;
  3. Share 3 methods that help to soothe yourself when you are sad, nervous or angry;
  4. Upload Task 2 screencap and Task 3 to your social media platform before the challenge ends, (Facebook OR Instagram) and hashtag #sunshineatcuhk. Remember to set the content to “Public”;
  5. After successfully completing the above tasks, Sunshine At CUHK team will select 15 MOST CREATIVE POSTS, and winners will receive a “Netflix Gift Card valued at HK$300”;
  6. Winners will be notified separately of the redemption details. Late claimants will be disqualified without prior notice;
  7. Sunshine At CUHK reserves the right to amend the rules, prizes, and the announcement of the winners of this event, and reserves the right of final decision. If this event cannot be carried out for any reason, Sunshine At CUHK reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event.
  8. End of challenge date: 9 August 2022.

Update and use the latest features of the “Sunshine@CUHK Mobile App” to get a mindful gift – “Sprout Pencil”, which takes you back to present moment from the virtual world. Let’s plant some good moods together today!

*Gifts redemption are restricted to Full Time CUHK students; please present valid CU link card to redeem.

Find outlet for emotions through new function in Sunshine@CUHK Mobile App “Press & Relax”

9 August 2022 (Tuesday)
TARGET:CUHK full-time students

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