Hope and academic success

Apart from intelligence, ability and motivation, what else can boost your study? Researchers have found that hope can be another factor that contributes to academic success…

Mental illness is only one sort of illness

The Korean drama It’s Okay to not be Okay attempts to neutralise the negative perceptions and misconceptions of mental illnesses by telling the stories around the protagonists. In both Hong Kong and Korea, the stereotypical images of people with mental illness are influenced by the media,

We are all Perfectly Imperfect

In the Korean drama It’s Okay to not be Okay different characters suffer from emotional difficulties due to reasons such as painful childhood experiences, loss of a loved one, placing excessively high demand on self and others etc. When we are growing up, a lot of us are encouraged to do better and achieve more and more in different aspects such as study,

People with ASD like everyone else

Those who have watched the popular Korean drama It’s Okay to not be Okay, know that Gang-tae’s brother Sang-tae has autism and he always needs Gang-tae’s support in life. You might wonder: Are people with autism self-isolated and they cannot communicate well with others? Is Sang-tae’s behaviour in the play only dramatic effect?