Harmonious Relationship

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Admitted to university, life naturally turns to be busy, time spent with family members is relatively reduced, and alienation would result! If you wish to maintain or improve the relationship with your family members but do not know how to start, you may take a look at the following to see if they help:

Active Communication and Elimination of Blocks

If you and your family members can only have superficial communication, then your relationship would be the same. If you can put down your “rational” mask, you can make “emotional” connection with your family members by telling them interesting things in your classrooms or campus. This way, they can be more understanding towards your university life bit by bit.

You can strengthen family bonds by sharing your daily life.

Keep Up the Patience and Listen Attentively

Purely emotional acts, especially emotions like anger, need to be taken control. When negative emotions are about to unleash, keep in mind to stay calm, try to speak and listen up with a better attitude, take each other’s perspective and take care of each other’s feelings.

Make Peace with Mutual Understanding

In normal families, inevitably there are conflicts; generally, they are not done intentionally but are mostly unintentional. At these moments, if we can calmly discuss the problem, the result would be much more satisfactory. But please remember this: when you want to calm yourself, do not leave the scene without a word. Note that it is a “Cooling Period” instead of a “Cold War”! Otherwise, it would have the opposite effect.

Maintain a whole-heartedly love; showing your care

Try to spare some time to communicate with your family. Take a few minutes to chat with them via phone call, expressing your care and concern.

If you are unable to meet your family members frequently, you may consider having regular video calls with them.

Celebrate festive seasons with your family

During the holidays, try to spend more quality time with your family. Think about what gifts to send to your family to express your love.

In fact, building a harmonious family requires multilateral cooperation, which includes not only spending time together, but also being frank with each other, mutual understanding, and forgiveness. Try to get along with your family by taking the following steps starting today!

  1. Set aside a whole day in the coming month to engage in your favourite leisure activities with your family.
  2. When it comes to your family members’ birthdays, send messages congratulating them and prepare some small gifts to show your love.
  3. Proactively share with your family your difficulties and happy experiences, both in academic and social life.
  4. By word and deed, express your care towards your family, be it with a smile, a hug, or even a ‘thank you’.
  5. Depending on their needs, try to provide assistance and support for your family members.
You can convey your love to family members by giving a small gift as a simple blessing.