Wellness Mustache

Wellness Mustache

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Pursuing Wellness implies being able to experience health, happiness, peace, satisfaction, and good quality of life. How to stay physically, mentally and socially well? Let’s check out some tips below!


Reward ourselves with rest and recreation when we have done a good work. Tracking positive experiences daily can also give us a sense of achievement and knowing what works better

Unwind activities

When we feel tired or stressed out, take short breaks to relax and renew our energy. Develop relaxation skills and pursue leisure activities, such as sports, music, outings, handicraft, etc.

Spiritual enrichment

Develop personal strengths and resilience by reading inspiring books or pursuing self-enhancing experiences. Add laughter to our life by nurturing a sense of humour. Brighten up our life by adding in fun and creativity.

Time management

Develop and adhere to a realistic and manageable schedule to ensure a balanced daily routine as well as successful completion of important tasks.

Specific strategies such as setting goals and priorities, developing an action plan, overcoming procrastination and organizing time might help in managing the numerous demands and stress placed upon us.

Making good use of schedule book and memo pads, etc to formulate a reasonable and attainable plan
Making good use of schedule book and memo pads, etc to formulate a reasonable and attainable plan


Being over-demanding or over-critical towards ourselves might generate negative emotions and self-doubts. Recognize our own strengths and seek opportunities to actualize our potential.

Continuous growth

Avoid unnecessary comparison with others which might lead to envy or jealousy. Seek continuous self-improvement by focusing on what matters to us and how we want our life to be like.

Healthy living

Take care of our needs; develop a balanced diet, ensure sufficient rest and exercise regularly. Try to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking or drug abuse.

Emotional support

Spend quality time with family and friends; it helps to consolidate relationships and release negative emotions. Get involved in community activities to expand our social network.

Let’s wear the “Wellness MUSTACHE” everyday to attain a healthy and balanced lifestyle!