Wellness Mustache

Pursuing Wellness implies being able to experience health, happiness, peace, satisfaction, and good quality of life. How to stay physically, mentally and socially well? Let’s check out some tips…

Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Communication is an important part of our lives. Good communication skills not only help us make friends, they can also enhance our work and daily life. As people come from different walks of life, they present different characters, background, values and cultures. This makes effective interpersonal communication an art form which is difficult to master.Communication is an interactive process.

Wellness for Postgraduates

As you prepare for postgraduate (PG) studies, you may be experiencing a mixture of emotions.
Anticipating Changes
You probably feel both excited and apprehensive towards entering this new phase in your life, which could be very different from your undergraduate years in the following ways:
The PG enjoys greater autonomy and independence but needs to exercise even greater self-discipline in managing daily living, emotions, studies, relationships, etc….

Tango of Love

Encountering our Mr. or Ms. Right may involve a process of “lost and found”. From an initial attraction to ambivalence towards developing intimacy to finally making a commitment, we may be overwhelmed by the excitement and curiosity during the process. However, when the romance and passion subside,