Find our inner peace

It is not uncommon that we have experienced disagreement and heated discussion with family and friends. We may even “unfriend” each other on social media. At this moment, we may feel lonely, isolated, hurt or even angry…

Take things as they come

Looking at the calendar. What? A year is over! Looking back the year, it seems you have done nothing? Take it easy! We can, of course, look back to the past, but more importantly, we can look forward to the future. Yes, we might likely need to stay at home for a longer time and cannot return to the campus l to attend classes,

Sleeping helps to keep good mood

Sunshine At CUHK often emphasizes that having a good sleep helps to keep a positive mood. It is not just a slogan. Sufficient and high-quality sleep can help maintain emotional stability. A recent study suggested that the average sleep time for adolescents with depression is 7.5 hours per night,

The most special school days

Reading lecture notes online and listening to the cracked voice of professors due to poor internet connection, it is probably the most special start of semester ever.
You may think it is a waste of youth and precious university time to stay home and just sit in front of a computer attending lessons or even standing for election of student societies.