3-minute Breathing Space (Mindfulness Exercise)

When the world goes mad, let your inner peace be your anchor. Close your eyes and follow Sammy Leung’s voice (narration in Cantonese with English subtitles). You will find your peace of mind not too far away. …

3-minute Humming Bee (Breathing Exercise)

Breathing is one of the easiest yet effective means to calm down. It is given to some Special Forces members as a training too. You can practice it anytime, anywhere and under whatever emotional status. How to do it? …

Sleeping helps to keep good mood

Sunshine At CUHK often emphasizes that having a good sleep helps to keep a positive mood. It is not just a slogan. Sufficient and high-quality sleep can help maintain emotional stability. A recent study suggested that the average sleep time for adolescents with depression is 7.5 hours per night,

It’s time to put down the phone

“Modern loneliness, we’re never alone but always depressed”
It seems we are never alone with a smartphone as we can contact our friends and receive information from the world anytime and anywhere. But why do we still feel empty at times despite we are bound up with the outer world?