Healthy Habits to Boost Your Emotional Fitness

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Do you notice that whenever you encounter health problems and are not doing well, your emotion will be affected too? This is accredited to the reduction of a secretion called “neurochemicals of happiness” from our cerebellum. The amount of that secretion is directly related to our feeling of happiness. If our body is healthier, the amount of the secretion will increase and people will become healthier. Therefore, a healthy body is the pre-requisite of enjoying happiness. Please read the following list to see whether your habits can ensure your health:

Eating Habit

  • Eat regularly
  • Eat good nutritional food frequently
  • Drink suitable amount of water every day
Some superfoods such as nuts, berries, and fish, can make your brain happy.

Resting Habit

  • Establish a routine for taking rest
  • Have sufficient rests and sleep
  • Maintain a state of calmness before you sleep
Sleeping well naturally brings you a good mood.

Exercise Habit

  • Grasp the opportunity to walk
  • Exercise regularly
  • Treat exercise as one of your social or leisure activity
Exercising with friends is a good way to keep you motivated.

Students who have more of the above habits enjoy a healthier lifestyle, while students who have fewer of these habits could take reference to the personal wellness tips from other articles on the website and form a better living style.