See the possibilities and grasp HOPE

I’m down in the dumps when I see the empty supermarket shelves. It wasn’t like this before!
Nothing is permanent. No one could imagine instead of visiting each other during the festive season, we stay tuned to the news about the infection at home. Likewise, we can’t be so sure about what will happen a few months later. Nothing in life, neither happiness nor sadness, is permanent.

Let ANXIETY motivate us

Are you worried that you might be infected if you didn’t do well in one step?
ANXIETY comes when we are under stress. ANXIETY is a human survival instinct to help us focus and fight with stress. We have too many uncertainties at present that we may not be able to avoid or solve the problem immediately;

Let's extend our helping hands to others in need

In a market-driven economy, people who are underprivileged often suffer the most due to the lack of resources. In times of trouble, we can extend our support to the needy even more so. The idea “It is more blessed to give than to receive” is actually supported by research.

Move your body while staying home

More and more restrictions were announced to curb the spread of coronavirus this week. We spend more time staying at home, and most of the time we might be sitting on the sofa. But have you ever thought that limited activity engagement at home may also affect your mood?