Can Chamomile tea really help to sleep?

Can Chamomile tea really help to sleep?

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Having a good night’s sleep is the key to mental wellness. That’s why Sunshine At CUHK often emphasises the importance of sleep. Yet, we all experience some moments when we have difficulty falling asleep.

You may have heard about food or drinks that may help us sleep. Chamomile tea is one of those. Can it really help? Some researches suggest that it might. A medical article mentions that the effect might come from apigenin (an antioxidant flavonoid found in chamomile) that interacts with chemicals in the brain, creating a calming effect and promoting sleep.

More studies might be needed to elucidate the relationship between chamomile tea and sleep. Nonetheless, it is a relaxing moment making ourselves a cup of chamomile tea, and enjoying its taste and the colour. Enjoy the moment!