Blueberries help to mitigate problems associated with PTSD?

Blueberries help to mitigate problems associated with PTSD?

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Blueberries are advertised widely as something good for the eyes. Some research even supported the idea that blueberries are good for mental health.

In an animal study conducted in 2016, there was preliminary evidence suggesting that blueberries may help to mitigate some of the problems associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In 2017, another blueberry study was conducted on young adults. The group that was given blueberry drinks exhibited increased positive feelings compared to the control group. While more research is needed to explore the mental health benefits of blueberries, few people will challenge its refreshing taste and nutritional value as a snack.

While no single food can make us feel better or boost our mood definitively, Sunshine At CUHK hopes we can adopt an open and adventurous mindset to try different ways to take good care of ourselves and others.