Tips for Keeping Refreshed

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It has been a few weeks since the new semester begins. Students must have returned to their busy lifestyle. With the coming of quizzes, mid-term tests, presentations, society duties and part-time jobs, you may have already felt stressed. Apart from handling your academic work and jobs, you should also constantly strengthen your body and heart in a bid to enjoy university life and boost your learning efficiency. Here are some suggestions to help you remain relaxed and refreshed:

Regular exercise and connecting with nature can help you improve both physical and mental health.
  • Maintain a suitable amount of exercise, keep a balanced lifestyle with regular rests, keep a balanced diet, and get sufficient sleep.
  • Adjust your level of pressure and enhance your efficiency with detailed planning and an organized lifestyle.
  • Take a rest when you feel tired during your studies or work.
  • Use methods that suit you to relieve pressure (for instance, sports, music, cooking, doing handcrafts, etc.)
  • Try to reward yourself after the completion of tasks that day. Spare some time for listening to music, eating, cooking, etc.
  • Accept yourself and appreciate others. Don’t compare yourself with others intentionally.
  • Self-affirmation. Think of one thing that you are satisfied with or proud of before sleeping.
  • Spend time chatting with your family and friends in order to improve your relationship.
  • Read encouraging quotes or passages during your spare time to encourage yourself.
  • Cultivate a sense of humour in order to fill the humdrum of life with creativity, delights, and laughter.
Spending time on an activity that you enjoy can keep you refreshed.

Mastering the aforementioned methods does not imply that you will not suffer from pressure forever. Nevertheless, you can handle pressure healthily and efficiently, or even transform it into motivation to promote personal growth. As long as you can master the methods gradually with perseverance, you can achieve a state of happiness and optimism.