In daily life, some people often allow themselves to spend time on trivial things instead of doing things more urgent and important; therefore, the habit of procrastination is formed. To get rid of this heavy dragging force inside, we must first understand its causes so as to find the remedy.

Hope and academic success

Apart from intelligence, ability and motivation, what else can boost your study? Researchers have found that hope can be another factor that contributes to academic success…

Upgrade Your Character

Everyone aspires to have the ideal character. But what can you do to find the right character for yourself among all the other characters out there? These 12 suggestions may give you some insight.

Character Strengths

Peterson and Seligman (2004) studied Character Strengths and virtues, and identified 24 Character Strengths that seem to be stable, morally valued by every culture and hold true across time and geographic borders. They can be manifested through thinking, feeling and action. These 24 strengths reside within…