Keeping regular contact with the one you love

“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.”
To maintain relationships when we are working/ studying from home and not gathering as much, we may need to take more effort than before. Keeping regular contact with family and friends helps to improve our mood and to reduce our anxiety and sense of loneliness.

Be a happy stay-at-home

Waste no time or Waste the time? It’s in your hands!
Apart from sleeping, eating and exercising well, sufficient recreational activities and self-learning are important in maintaining a good mood. Do you still remember the things that you gave up because you were too busy? They are waiting for you right now.

Fill the void with purpose and meaning

Do you feel a little bit lonely, void and cold for staying at home?
The unexpected epidemic and the extended holiday disrupt our daily routines and our social life. They let us feel BORED and LONELY.
Now that things have changed, we need a new plan.

See the possibilities and grasp HOPE

I’m down in the dumps when I see the empty supermarket shelves. It wasn’t like this before!
Nothing is permanent. No one could imagine instead of visiting each other during the festive season, we stay tuned to the news about the infection at home. Likewise, we can’t be so sure about what will happen a few months later. Nothing in life, neither happiness nor sadness, is permanent.