The most special school days

Reading lecture notes online and listening to the cracked voice of professors due to poor internet connection, it is probably the most special start of semester ever.
You may think it is a waste of youth and precious university time to stay home and just sit in front of a computer attending lessons or even standing for election of student societies.

Keep life fresh

Time flies, summer vacation nearly comes to the end. Are you suffering from “travel lovesickness” like me, with symptoms of craving for foreign cuisine and always flipping the photos of your previous trips? One of the reasons why traveling is so fascinating is that we can relax during the journey.

It’s time to put down the phone

“Modern loneliness, we’re never alone but always depressed”
It seems we are never alone with a smartphone as we can contact our friends and receive information from the world anytime and anywhere. But why do we still feel empty at times despite we are bound up with the outer world?