Wellness for Postgraduates

As you prepare for postgraduate (PG) studies, you may be experiencing a mixture of emotions.
Anticipating Changes
You probably feel both excited and apprehensive towards entering this new phase in your life, which could be very different from your undergraduate years in the following ways:
The PG enjoys greater autonomy and independence but needs to exercise even greater self-discipline in managing daily living, emotions, studies, relationships, etc….

What Psychological Counselling in CUHK is about?

Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) of the Office of Student Affairs has been established primarily to help students to overcome psychological barriers and difficulties, which may impede their functioning, adjustment and personal development. Through this page, we hope to be able to clarify some of the common myths and misconceptions as well as help students gain a deeper understanding of the true nature and goals of psychological counselling.

Crossing Culture and Fitting in

Welcome to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Studying here is an exciting adventure as well as a major life transition for all freshmen. For a foreign student, entering university and living in a different cultural environment also entails a process of dual adjustment. For many of you,

The Bittersweet Life at CUHK

“Life in CUHK is like a cup of good coffee –– bittersweet.”
Aromatic – Environment
The beauty and serenity of the campus captivates the hearts of CUHK-ers. You can stroll freely under the red leaves by the Lake Ad Excellentiam in Autumn, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with the stunning view of Tolo Harbour in Winter,