Improve Concentration Level

Exams are around the corner. I believe that all of you will be busy studying and turning in assignments. Some students feel that they are occupied by lots of commitments after entering university, such as joining different student organizations, working part-time and dating etc. Thus, they find it hard to concentrate on their studies…

Managing Exam Stress

As the new semester begins, the campus becomes crowded and busy. Very soon, you may be busy with papers, projects, laboratory reports, theses and mid-term exams. Besides schoolwork, you may be occupied with various extracurricular activities and social gatherings as well. Suddenly, you may realize that the final examinations are just around the corner…

10 Tips on Overcoming Adversities

Entering university is a significant milestone for most students. You may feel excited towards your new experiences; yet setbacks or adversities may also come unexpectedly. For example, having conflicts with roommates, working on a group project with a free-rider or struggling with studies and internship. In facing life’s challenges,

Building Self-Confidence

At certain points of life, we might wish to try some new experiences while some may be afraid of making changes. Self-confidence might play a role in this difference. Self-confidence is about the personal perception of our abilities and our perceived impression on how we come across to others.