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10 questions you should ask in the middle of a semester

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The semester has started and the final examination is in a distance. It’s time to pause and reflect on the first half of the semester that has passed. To start this semi-quarterly report, 10 questions below have been listed for your reference.

1. Did I use the best beauty products regularly?

No matter you are boys or girls, men or women, the best beauty products, sleep and water, are indispensable.

  • Add flavor to water by putting two slices of lemon or a few mint leaves. It helps keeping you up.
  • Go straight to bed if you almost pass out while studying overnight.
2. In times of stress, did I resort to snacks or the “salt water”?

Snacks may be soothing instantly but are bad for health if taken too much in the long run. Try the cure of “salt water” – tear, sweat or the sea is always the most effective cure for anything.

Cry whenever you feel like to. It’s okay to cry, to ventilate and express your distress. Sweat brightens you up as exercising lowers the body’s level of stress hormones, a great antidote to stress. Out of tear and sweat? Go to the beach and enjoy the embrace of the sea.

3. Check my bag now. Do I have an extra mask with me?

Be vigilant to the infection of influenza or COVID. Bring an extra mask with you. Change your mask whenever necessary. Wear it when you are among the crowd, especially on public transportation during peak hours or at places where people next to you are coughing and sneezing. Take good care of your health.

Woman hold surgical face mask on hands
Bring extra masks and share with others in need.
4. Was I in love or fear?

You can always choose to love, which helps overcome fear. Darkness never exists under the light. To cast away the darkness, all you need to do is to turn on the light. Get your torch and take a good look at the fear. At the end, you may find that things are not as fearful as you expected.

Love is a choice. All you need is the discernment to choose who and how you should love.

5. Did I facilitate myself to take the first step or discourage myself with unrealistic goals?

Be an understanding friend and good partner of yourself, instead of a harsh and relentless coach. Whenever you procrastinate or resist to the planned work, don’t blame yourself at once but check: 

  • Is the goal too big to be reached? If yes, divide it into several smaller attainable tasks. Finish the task one at a time and accomplish the final goal step by step;
  • Have you set aside time for yourself apart from study and school? If not, prepare some treats for yourself and take a short break for every hour of study.
6. Did I allow myself to be vulnerable?

To be strong, we may need to be aware of our vulnerability. We don’t need to hide our weakness, disguise our failure and hold back our tears in order to be strong. Be open to your own weaknesses and face your limitation. That comes the real courage and self-confidence.

A woman sitting alone and depressed
Face our weaknesses makes us become stronger.
7. Was I striving for excellence or perfectionism?

Know the difference between the two. People striving for excellence accept mistakes and setbacks in life. They perceive failure as the motivator to work harder and attain higher. On the contrary, extreme perfectionists cannot take any mistakes. They strive to avoid imperfection unrealistically.

Being human, we are born to be imperfect in nature.

8. Were my decisions always made to feed others’ needs and neglect my own?

Our ability is limited. If you are very exhausted by fulfilling others’ needs, it’s a signal reminding you to pause, sit back and attend to your own needs deep down. Repeatedly ignoring the self can result in emotional disturbance, procrastination and self-hatred.

9. Did I love yourself?

Remember you are the biggest fan of yourself in this world. Love ‘me’ tenderly with more understanding and less judgment. ‘Love others as you love yourself’. To be a good lover, the key is to know how to love ourselves first.

10. Have I taken a nice selfie with the scenery around the picturesque campus of CUHK?

NO? Pick your phone and move!!! You can’t miss the beauty and serenity of CUHK!

Don’t miss the beauty and serenity of the CUHK campus during Spring time. (ISO, CUHK)