CU Angel

The “Sunshine at CUHK” campaign aims to build up a caring campus amongst all CUHK members.

Under the campaign, we will invite everyone to go the extra mile to become a “CU Angel” to show our care to those around us.

Just hang out the sign as a symbol of care, telling anyone in need that you are willing and ready to listen to their troubles.

How to be a CU Angel?

Anyone of you can be a CU Angel. If someone you know seems stressed or troubled or is behaving unusually, just offer to be a listener to them. Here are 10 tips for you:

  1. Listen patiently and non-judgmentally.
  2. Accept his/her feelings.
  3. Don’t impose your own values and opinions or criticize his/her thinking.
  4. Show your understanding directly to make him/her feel supported.
  5. Be calm, objective, positive and open-minded to explore problems and solutions.
  6. Assess any crisis, e.g. attempted suicide or thoughts of, self-harming behavior, alcoholism, violence or other circumstances.
  7. Pay serious attention to his/her suicidal thoughts. (He/she is sending out a signal to seek help).
  8. Provide related information or practical help.
  9. Encourage him/her to seek professional help, e.g. from a social worker, counsellor, psychologist, doctor, or other professional.
  10. Encourage him/her to seek other support, e.g. from department teachers, family or friends

For details, please click here.

How to encourage your friend to seek professional help?

  • Consult a Counsellor from WACC (Tel : 3943 7208) on the need and procedures for referral.
  • Discuss with your friend your intention and reasons for the referral. Listen non-judgmentally.
  • Invite your friend to make an appointment through the phone or email. Or you can escort him/her to WACC (Tel : 3943 7208) for the first appointment.

What should I do if my friend is in an emergency situation?

  • Stay calm and composed; ensure your own safety first and avoid handling the situation alone; call for help from relevant units.
  • Call the Security Unit (Tel: 3943 7999) immediately, especially when there is risk of physical harm or in life-threatening situations.
  • Call WACC (Tel : 3943 7208) and a Counsellor will attend the scene as soon as possible.
  • Call the hall warden or tutor if you are in hostel.
  • If your friend cooperates and is able to quieten down, escort your friend to UHS or WACC for a rest and to stabilize their emotions.
  • If you are not on campus, you should call the police immediately.